How did Csinta became part of our life?

A few years ago when we were discovering non-cooking, and we were eating only raw food, we made a big crepe made of plum. We were waiting patiently until it dried, and that day the first CSINTA was created: )

About us?

The making of the CSINTA have always been a team effort. First it was just us: Eszter and Peter. Then, our daughters joined in as our taste testers. Along the way lots of friends gave us their support with ideas, photos, paintings and more. Some of the most important team members for us are the CSINTA lovers. They give us their feedback and inspire us to find the way to go forward and develop further. After lots of experiments and planning, we rented a workshop and got new team mates for the production.

What inspired us?

We were inspired by the first fans, mostly the kids. It was a joy to see how the dried fruit became a living food in their hands. The kids assured us that the name CSINTA was a good choice.